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The Monthly Journal

Journal October 2021

These past weeks have been quite busy. After the successful retreat we have beenwelcoming several guests and we are expecting a full house for the month of October. The weather permits some more and longer working hours in the garden, although the evenings are noticeably shorter as the sun sets earlier. We still manage to

Personal Experiences

Nâm Living between birth and death

By living in the Asharum Níjar, Nâm Living has let me experience more and more in life what ‘openness’ and ‘change from within’ truly mean. Both for my personal life as for the world, of which after all I am a part. For over 22 years, Yoginâm has been and continues to be my great

The Monthly Journal

Journal September 2021

During July and August we had only a few guests. In July one of the permanent residents, and in August the other two, travelled to the Netherlands for 3-4 weeks. During these times we experienced some really hot days, during which moving outside was only possible before 10am and after 6pm. This created the possibility