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The Monthly Journal

Journal May 2022

This month we present all developments of Asharum Níjar and the garden through pictures. It rained a lot last month which makes the garden exceptionally green. Plants we have never seen before grow excessively. The pistachio trees seem to be giving birth to a boost of growth. We are very grateful for the rain as

The Monthly Journal

Journal April 2022

March went by in the blink of an eye. We have seen many different types of weather this month and we could not escape submitting to the elements. March started with fair and sunny days, followed by some rain. Nothing special so far. Then, halfway into the month, we were overcome by ‘la Calima’ (a

The Monthly Journal

Journal March 2022

Triad of Being Last time we informed you about the Triad of Being, designed and given as a gift to the Asharum by Yoginâm at the occasion of his 75th birthday, as a symbol of Nâm. The Triad of Being has a special place and relevance in the garden for both us and the visitors

The Monthly Journal

Journal February 2022

Normally, January is one of the months in which the area around Níjar receives a lot of rain, but this year the water falling from the sky was sparse. The temperatures were a little more elevated compared to the average, still we enjoy the installed wood stove in our new meditation room twice a day,

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