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Journal February 2023

The colder period has started in Nijar. Here, the cold of winter comes late in the season, while November and December are usually quite agreeable months. In these months, temperatures near 20 degrees and with the Andalusian sun, the days feel like the summer of Northern Europe. In exchange, the cold can last until April

The Monthly Journal

Journal January 2023

The year has come to an end. Or the year has just begun. It’s a matter of perspective and convention. Living in an Asharum means living in service of what is. Realising that all seperations are an illusion makes one encounter a multitude of perspectives. With the practise of non-judgement, one is more or less

The Monthly Journal

Journal December 2022

They say change is the only constant. Adapting attitudes and behaviour to changing circumstances, while realising everything is an expression of the same unknowable whole-ness is one of the keys in finding well-being in life. Through gracefully accepting in peace whatever appears, happens or just is. And moving from there with loving kindness and respect.

The Monthly Journal

Journal November 2022

In our way of life we aim to acknowledge peacefully that ‘it is what it is’ and take it as a starting point. To embrace what happens and take up the responsibility to achieve the most harmonious situation for everyone and everything. The month of October is the month where our olive trees (we have

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