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The Monthly Journal

Journal September 2022

The most intense heat has passed. Temperatures are still above 30 degrees Celsius, but being outside in the sun is more bearable. The evenings are noticeably becoming shorter, so after our supper there is a small hour left to do outside tasks. Nature is slowly coming back to life and we move along with the

The Monthly Journal

Journal August 2022

July started with an official heat wave, but even after the heat wave was over, the weather felt the same during the entire month. For those who like to get up early in the morning, the hours between 6am and 10am are agreeable for outside work and after that being outside means looking for shade,

The Monthly Journal

Journal July 2022

Summer is here. The long and hot days make us adapt our daily rhythm, in submission to what is. No more planting new plants, but caring and supporting the existing ones is what the garden asks for. Up into the last days of June we’ve had most of the available rooms booked and for July

The Monthly Journal

Journal June 2022

Living in Nijar, at 400m above sea level against a mountain range, means the weather can be quite extreme. Cold nights in April and May, heavy winds that can occur anytime, and when it’s hot, it’s really hot. Also, the change of the season is quite abrupt; spring made room for summer almost overnight. Within

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