Can you help us?

Crowdfunding Project

In service of the Asharum in Níjar, we intend to create a meditative garden that represents the spiritual endeavour in Nâm.


The ideal is to walk from terrace to terrace, each with its own character, all revolving around the primary focal point of the garden the Triad of Being (designed by Yoginâm), on which all the worlds of perception merge into the same source.

By engaging the spiritual endeavour into a physical environment, the meditation walk in the Asharum garden helps to bring the inner world of perception in harmony, or as Yoginâm would say: in attunement as an expression of non-being. All opinions, ideas, emotions and ideals fade in the realisation of oneness, which is the ultimate goal of a spiritual endeavour.

The Triad of Being

are we

At the moment the Asharum Garden is under construction. With a small group of people, we are in the midst of the creation of the Asharum. As you follow us in the monthly newsletter, every day is a new adventure. As the year has just begun, this is the period (end of the winter) when we can still plant trees for this year. With the inclusion of some more trees, within a few years, we will have some cozy sheltered spots across the garden…

Meanwhile, we are digging, chopping and shovelling, trying to enrich the soil with compost. By planting a variation of crops and herbs in a particular order we try to nourish the soil life. For the next coming years, this will be an ongoing process.

Can you help us?

We don’t need complex machinery to make it all happen, but we do need some sophisticated equipment, like a strow grinder, some extra wheelbarrows and handy gardening tools.

Here we have listed the trees and tools we would like to acquire in order to make it all happen.


Myrthe bushes
Quantity: 15 – Price: € 15 each
Quantity: 20 – Price: € 5 each
Quantity: 20 – Price: € 5 each
Bush to protect crops from the wind
Quantity: 30 – Price: € 4 each
Trees & Bushes
Quantity: 20 – Price: € 50 each

Including: Castaño común, Nuez de pecan, Gingembre Japonés, Regaliz, Granado, Arbol del Té, arbol de almendras, Arbol de la nispera, Granada de arbol, Mimosa, Lentisco

Straw bale
Quantity: 30 – Price: € 3,50 each

Gardening Tools

Quantity: 2 – Price: € 80 each
Quantity: 2 – Price: € 50 each
Quantity: 1 – Price: € 30 each
Digging tool big

Quantity: 1 – Price: € 30 each

Digging tool small
Quantity: 3 – Price: € 10 each
Price: € 320
Quantity: 2 – Price: € 20 each
Grass shredder
Price: € 760
Weed mower
Quantity: 1 – Price: € 100

Quantity: 2 – Price: € 55 each

Quantity: 2 – Price: € 35 each


Drilling machine
Price: € 360
Wood to finalise the nursery
Price: € 500
Tool cupboard
Price: € 120
Stones and cement
(for constructing a wall around the garden)
Price: € 750

Your help is important

If you are willing to donate one of these trees or tools, please, send us a message by e-mail at and transfer the gift to the Nâm Fund: NL 46 ABNA 0622 4516 42

Warm Greetings,

The Asharum Níjar Garden-team