Nâm Living between birth and death

By living in the Asharum Níjar, Nâm Living has let me experience more and more in life what ‘openness’ and ‘change from within’ truly mean. Both for my personal life as for the world, of which after all I am a part.

For over 22 years, Yoginâm has been and continues to be my great example to bring about an attitude of openness and by doing so, to be creative in life. Because I have been present with dying people in hospices for seven years, carrying the experience of Nâm Living and applying the ancient instruments, dying has become an active part of my life. I was able to experience the deeper meaning between birth and death through the passing of my son Hielke in September 2020. In this transition I was able to experience joy and acceptance.

Now, almost one year later, I have the privilege of living in the Asharum Níjar. Living in a natural daily rhythm and being surrounded by amazing nature is the right place ‘to be’ at this moment. Contributing to the creation of a beautiful and ecological paradise for future generations. Through continuous attunement, being aware of my attitude and behavior, I also experience the ethics and meaning of resonance. With the deep realisation that everything is connected to everything else and the change from within is the only thing you can do, I strive to create a more beautiful world in connection with everything that lives. This brings me happiness and meaning.

Living in the Asharum Nijar gives me the possibility to deepen my search for the essence of life and my relationship with nature; with the trees and plants as well as with people and animals. Trusting the signals that present themselves in the moments, I am available in service.

Perhaps I can be of service to others in a dying process through individual coaching via Zoom. This service can also be offered in the Asharum Níjar. All services are donation-based. 


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