Guided by Anna Montis, experienced shaman native from Sardinia.

With the special presence of contemporary mystic Yoginâm

Contents of the programme

The content of the programme is much wider than the description here below.
We will specifically dive into the experience of the following shamanic magic topics.

  • Private healing sessions
  • Exploration of the soul realm and communication with spiritual beings
  • How to relate to non- physical realities and harmonise them with the physical realm
  • The power of the animal
  • The power of the guide
  • The power of certainty
  • The power of the word
  • Rituals and traditions inspired from the roots in the light of universal Nâm

The Event

This event is a chance to widen your view beyond everyday perception and to experience a particular kind of healing that works on a deeper and tangible level.
You will discover that shamanism is the oldest natural form of healing and psychology, a timeless and magic psychology.
You will learn a different way of perceiving.
Through ancient universal insights and techniques, you will learn in a specific way to gain access to your inner unconscious experience, enabling you to look inside yourself.

In a state of mind in which you dream on purpose, you will learn to get in touch with forces and energies that take on a meaning for you in a unique language of images.
This allows you to discover, transform and communicate with your feelings at the level from which they originate. You will discover sources of power and inspiration, supporting transformation of energies in daily life towards more harmony.

The Location: Asharum Níjar

“In an oasis of the Andalusian desert, there is a special place with an enchanted orchard where every tree, plant and fruit tells you the wonderful story of nature in communication and unity. It is the Asharum in Níjar where nice and hospitable people live in a community, inspired by the concrete spirituality of Yoginâm.
In this special beneficial place, my own roots and destination come together because the essence of the shamanism of my roots and my destination are both centred in transcendence and are not merely oriented in experience.

In this inviting place we undergo the adventure of inner exploration through ancient shamanic gateways for contemporary times, in order to reach knowledge and concrete beneficial effects in one’s own life.” (Anna Montis)

About Anna Montis

This event is guided by Anna Montis, shaman native of Sardinia.
She has inherited the shamanic gift from her ancestors, which was further developed in a spiritual context after the encounter with the spiritual guide Yoginâm.

Since 1995 she has been practising shamanism for the well-being of people through healings, lessons, journeys with groups to her native island, rites of passages (for instance with birth, death, puberty etc.), and the purification of homes and objects from negative energy with the aim of restoring harmony.

“With this event I mean to share the inspiration from my Sardinian roots and my destination, embodied in the person of the mystic Yoginâm. What would be indeed the power of the Great Spirit if it would not manifest in the material world? To stay open for this realisation means that every soul experience during this event will be coloured by the awareness of this tangible divine presence.’’ (Anna Montis)

Arrival departure and programme

You will be expected to arrive at Asharum Níjar no later than 16:00 on Thursday 27 April. After you have settled in your room, the introduction to the event will start at 18:00. The programme will conclude on Monday 1 May at 9.00 after breakfast. At 10.00 you will have to check out from your room and you can start your journey back home.

During your stay, all vegetarian meals (breakfast, lunch, supper) and drinks are included.

During the programme on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Anna Montis will guide you through a very special experience in private and group gatherings. The programme includes meditation, healing, ritual and teaching. Yoginâm is invited twice in the programme (at the beginning and the end) with HarpMood: a wordless communication in sounds, beyond the matrix of human experience.

Upon booking you will receive more detailed information about travel options. A transfer from and to Almería Airport or bus station will be possible.

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