Monday 27th of February – Friday 3rd of March

in andalusia

Yoga (Yoke) means connection.
Find harmony, balance, joy and discover beauty around you. Exercise mindfulness and create body-awareness. Use voice (mantra’s) to open and to express. Learn various meditation techniques to attune in silence. Surrender to ‘What-Is’.


Patanjali Yoga consists of Raja Yoga (meditation) and Hatha Yoga (asana’s, shavasana, mantra, pranayama & tratak). Physical exercise, relaxation, emptying the mind, breathing and cleansing are all aspects of Yoga practise and part of the daily routine. During this retreat the invitation is to be in silence and to explore what connection means. 

After arrival and checking-in there will be an introduction to the program. The next three days an atmosphere of silence will be maintained as much as possible. During the Yoga classes Andjanie will give instructions. The last day, the week will be concluded with an opportunity to ask questions.

Day of Arrival

16.00 Checked-in
17.00 Intro & instruction
19.00 Evening meditation
19.30 Souper
20.30 HarpMood

Day of Departure

8.00 Yoga
9.00 Breakfast
10.00 Meditation
10.30 Packing
11.30 Conclusion
13.30 Check-out
14.30 Lunch (optional)

Days of Silence

8.00 Yoga
9.00 Breakfast
10.00 Meditation
10.30 Break
11.30 Meditation Walk
12.30 Yoga
13.30 Break

14.30 Lunch

15.30 Break
17.30 Yoga
19.00 Meditation
19.30 Souper
20.30 HarpMood


€ 500 - Single Room

€ 540 - Single Room + Private Shower

€ 580 - Single Room + Private Shower & Toilet

€ 860 - Twin Room

€ 940 - Twin Room + Private Shower + Private Toilet

(course – stay – meals included)

5 Days Retreat

About The Teachers

Andjanie Bahorie

Yoga teacher, Movement Expression Practitioner, Indian classical dancer (Kathak)

On her 19 th Andjanie went to India to learn Yoga & Kathak. She stayed 5 years in India and back in Holland she started teaching Yoga & Kathak. Meanwhile she studied Movement Expression Therapy. Andjanie worked many years in healthcare with refugees, veterans and the elderly using elements of Trauma Sensitive Yoga & Patanjali Yoga. Based on 25 years of experience Andjanie teaches Yoga focussing on what is needed for the participant to reach harmony by improving body-awareness and mindfulness. Advanced or beginner, all are welcome!



Asharum Nìjar is a place of natural beauty and harmony. The retreat centre
breathes openness and peace. The harmonious atmosphere invites you to become
silent on all levels of your being. The guestrooms are designed in the Andalucian
style. The kitchen provides for delicious vegetarian dishes and the garden
embraces its visitors in tranquillity and beauty.

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